Blogging Every Day: It’s All About Nothing

Today I decided I’m going to blog every day.

I’m going to do it even if I have nothings to say.

I’m going to blog about nothing.

Today, CyberageFunk is officially a blog about nothing. Just like Seinfeld was a show about nothing, and my existence is a life about nothing. That’s the beauty of everything. Everything is about nothing. We just pretend stuff is about something. But it’s not…

Maybe I’ll write about nothing multiple times a day. Here’s George Costanza pitching that show about nothing.

2 Replies to “Blogging Every Day: It’s All About Nothing”

  1. George is gettin’ angry!

    Well, then George is forgetting the inherent meaninglessness of the universe, and the comfort there is in knowing all mankind’s struggles and achievements are finite and self-valued. ^_^

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