Jim Is Ep10. My Friend Darkness

This episode of Jim Is was meant to be another short and blunt installment, but then I was having fun stretching it out, and adding extra cheese.

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webcomic Jim Is Episode 10. My Friend Darkness. Tragedy cuts down blue depressed guy as he recovers a taste for living.

Jim Is Ep9. Pointless

Not much today. Haven’t felt like doing ANYTHING. But I did yard work, the epitome of futile work for someone that doesn’t give a shit about yards. It’s now 4am. I can’t sleep.
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Jim Is webcomic episode 9: i could do anything... but there would be no point

Jim Is Ep7 pt2. The Void

Finally back from the future to deliver the second installment of Jim Is Ep7. The project has been a little more ambitious than most of the other strips, so I wanted to procrastinate a bit more. There is a part 3 still to come.
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Jim Is_webcomic_ep7pt2. The Void

Jim Is Ep6. Floating

Going a little lighter with the comic this time around. I’m feeling quite numb at the moment, so this is one comes from the back catalogue of strip ideas. If you enjoy any of the Jim Is strips please, share them with your wacky friends.
jim_is_webcomic_jim_ponders the absurdity of life under a rainbow

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Jim Is Ep5. Alive

I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get back to these webcomics, but it was a pretty bleak awakening this morning. Instead of doing anything practical I wasted the afternoon with Jim Is Ep5 (morning wasted with social media – but that’s not important! – just throwing it out there I am awake in the AM sometimes). I tried to be funny. I tried to be cool. It turned out pretty dark and horrid…



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Jim Is Ep.3

Sporadic internet service is proving seriously damaging on the old mental status… or is it the opposite? I can’t tell anymore. In any case episodes of Jim Is are churning out at a steady click. Who knew putting together webcomics could be so much fun.

Webcomic Jim Is episode 3. Hope. Dark humour webcomic dealing with depression
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