Mad Max: Fury Road

For me there are only three possible futures for the human race, Star Trek, Neuromancer, Mad Max. I hope for Star Trek, bet on Neuromancer, and fallback on Mad Max. Like most others with a post-apocalyptic fetish, I’ve been a fan of the Mad Max movies a long time. Many-a-time I have wondered if maybe, just maybe they would bring back the Max, and it was with delight I, just moments ago, opened a link in a message from a friend, to find the trailer for the upcoming 4th movie in the franchise.

Maybe if I stayed current (and left the cyber cave), I would have seen it coming, but for years now I’ve known that I’m one of the guys that discovers EVERYTHING after the fact. Decades after the fact is often the case. In any case, the film looks bloody, brutal, dusty, and awesome, so fingers crossed we end up with something that lives up to the original movies (is it possible for a sequel to exceed the original these days?). Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters 15th May, 2015. That is all.