My Emo Soul

I stare at the screen
Inside I am torn
I feel like I’m bleeding
But my flesh is whole
The words arriving dead
I sip the wine
And wish for death
Make it quick
Life is fleeting
I don’t want to grow old

Jim’s a big fat liar!

So, a blog post a day, huh? Yeah, well, I did actually have something written up to post for yesterday, but then I decided I wanted to do a little illustration. And I was really going to do the illustration. But I didn’t… and the beauty is that no one cares, not even me. Actually I do. A little. I’m a tiny bit disappointed in myself :/

person drinking wine and goofing off.

Instead of getting around to this little task, that probably would have taken ten minutes, I decided to get drunk and play with my e-comrades until 4am. It was totally worth it. Now, I’m going to go do an illustration for this post, but I plan to actually do it tonight, and not flake. Yesterdays post shall now become tomorrows.

Watch me do it! Or not. I’m going to get dinner.

So, I had a delicious Kway Teow noodle box for dinner. It was the bomba. Then I was feeling really tired and thought I wouldn’t get the post done. But I did! Yay, me.