Unauthorised Suicide Harms Others

Mock authoritarian anti-suicide poster

This one is tagged as Personal “Artwork”. It came up on my FB memories. It didn’t get a very good reception when I first posted it 5 years ago so I decided not to re-post. It’s a mock anti-suicide poster from an authoritarian dystopian state. It’s cheap and nasty, and it would be affixed to every window of every crummy apartment in a building over a few stories high. Now that I know Photoshop better I could perfect the crumminess, but I don’t care. It’s staying exactly how it is.

Tales of Mere Existence

Lev makes videos that make us screwy anxious and depressed people laugh and feel at ease a while. He perfectly expresses a relatable inner monologue and rational behind the sorts of decisions common to introverts, especially those that suffer from the aforementioned conditions. His “cult following” (actually, let’s call them subscribers) often can’t help but edge out of their shell to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the topic at hand. Lev, you have my thanks and admiration.