Jim’s a big fat liar!

So, a blog post a day, huh? Yeah, well, I did actually have something written up to post for yesterday, but then I decided I wanted to do a little illustration. And I was really going to do the illustration. But I didn’t… and the beauty is that no one cares, not even me. Actually I do. A little. I’m a tiny bit disappointed in myself :/

person drinking wine and goofing off.

Instead of getting around to this little task, that probably would have taken ten minutes, I decided to get drunk and play with my e-comrades until 4am. It was totally worth it. Now, I’m going to go do an illustration for this post, but I plan to actually do it tonight, and not flake. Yesterdays post shall now become tomorrows.

Watch me do it! Or not. I’m going to get dinner.

So, I had a delicious Kway Teow noodle box for dinner. It was the bomba. Then I was feeling really tired and thought I wouldn’t get the post done. But I did! Yay, me.

Jim Is Ep6. Floating

Going a little lighter with the comic this time around. I’m feeling quite numb at the moment, so this is one comes from the back catalogue of strip ideas. If you enjoy any of the Jim Is strips please, share them with your wacky friends.
jim_is_webcomic_jim_ponders the absurdity of life under a rainbow

Previous Ep

Jim Is Ep5. Alive

I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get back to these webcomics, but it was a pretty bleak awakening this morning. Instead of doing anything practical I wasted the afternoon with Jim Is Ep5 (morning wasted with social media – but that’s not important! – just throwing it out there I am awake in the AM sometimes). I tried to be funny. I tried to be cool. It turned out pretty dark and horrid…



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Jim Is Ep.3

Sporadic internet service is proving seriously damaging on the old mental status… or is it the opposite? I can’t tell anymore. In any case episodes of Jim Is are churning out at a steady click. Who knew putting together webcomics could be so much fun.

Webcomic Jim Is episode 3. Hope. Dark humour webcomic dealing with depression
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Jim Is ep.2 – Hate

Burning up a little time before heading to Sydney and finished up Jim Is ep.2. Jim does not feature in this episode, but we meet some more of the characters that inhabit his strange world.

Jim is Webcomic ep2. Hate. One of Jim's desktop images murders the other.

Jim Is ep.01 – webcomic

webcomic: Jim Is. Nihilism, depression, anxiety, humour. Jim is a pseudo fictitious character for the author to poke fun at himself.
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Jim Is ep.1

Hey I did it! The first episode of my webcomic, “Jim IS” is the best worst thing I’ve ever done. A small crime against humanity, but a step forward for Jim, and his author, Jim. Live long and create meaning.

See Jim Is ep.0 here The art is much sexier.

Jim Is Set One Complete

Jim Is webcomic set
I’m posting this as proof to myself and my inner skeptic. I’m doing a fucking comic. Take that skeptic Jim. Most of the action of Jim is will be set in this room. Occasionally we may catch Jim being philosophical while taking a crap, but this is where Jim spends most of his time. The set will probably be tweaked before theĀ  first strip and improved over time.

Jim Is episode .0 here

Jim Is ep .0- Birth of a Comic Strip

Jim Is - text and image. Introduction to dark, self-depricating existential comic.
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Jim Is will be a self-deprecating, and hopefully humorous comic exploring issues of depression and anxiety, existential terror, etcetera. For now the strip will be posted here, but it is likely it will eventually find a more fitting home.

Jim Is, is created with Photoshop, angst and a fucking ray of hope for the purposes of laughs and therapy. I welcome comments, criticism and suggestions.