More words of wisdom from InspiroBot

Seeking the wisdom of Inspiro, the kinky, drug-addicted bot, is becoming something of a daily ritual now. Once again I’m going to share these pearls with you, my friends.

Stay kinky

Today was a big nothing

I spent most of it asleep then I sorted out like a year’s worth of emails. There were around 4000 of the fuckers, and almost all of them were spam or marketing stuff I didn’t care about.

I just ate a bag of chips.



The end.

Babyland, bb

So, here we are at another post about me being a big music necro. If you like noise, improvised drums, harsh vocals, and synths then you will probably like Babyland. Labeled junk punk, it fits closely enough with industrial that I’d heard the name several times, but never had the chance to hear the music. I finally got around to chasing them down on Spotify, and now I’m a fan. Of course the band has been dead since 2009, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying them alongside all my favourite long deceased bands.

I also stumbled upon the Babyland’s Bandcamp page while looking for their last album, Cavecraft, which was released by Metropolis records. I feel kinda honored to currently be the first “supporter” of the “Decade One” complication (also a little WTF!?). Of course, if I want to get Cavecraft in Australia, I have to buy it off fucking iTunes or get a physical CD sent out. I could rage about the absurdity of this and a hundred other similar incidents but I’ll leave that for another day. I don’t know if it’s Metropolis that deserves the “fuck you” or some budget two-shits domestic partner. Ok, leaving it alone for realz now.

And finally, there’s Continues, the project by the singer of the defunct, Babyland. Mostly its sort of cheesy synthpop stuff (maybe that’s your bag) but there are some tracks I don’t mind.


I’m kinda tired. I was going to do another music blog, but instead I’m going to spam my hundreds of thousands of readers with some of the most absurd inspirational do-dads the internet has generated in the last hour. InspiroBot splices strings of text and images to create amusing nonsense, sometimes bordering on the philosophical.

Bacon, death, and industrial-metal

Today I woke up feeling like doing anything was stupid. Instead of doing stuff I lay in bed thinking about dying. Eventually I decided to make scrambled eggs. I cut a  finger while dicing onion. There were no bandaids, so I was trying to stem the bleeding with tissue. It wouldn’t stop bleeding, but I was set on getting the meal done. I’d chop a bit and then wipe blood away. Occasionally a drop would drip into the food. What do I care. Food just gets turned into blood and shit anyway.

Some people will always succeed but I don’t care

Eventually, still bleeding, I returned to bed with the my booty of scrambled goods and coffee.  It was pretty good eats. Instead of doing anything important, I got back to reading the gonzo account of rockstar, Al Jourgensen (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard etc). I would laugh here and there but I couldn’t concentrate, and most of the time was spent reading the same pages over and over. I also found it a little depressing (but maybe a little bit inspirational too) that this crazy character could be so fucked up on drugs and booze (and be depressed), yet still do like a thousand albums. I don’t even care about waking up in the morning.

Chicken coop massacre

Around 1 pm I mustered all the rock-star inspired OMPH! I could pull together to go check the animals. I discovered the poor chickens had been massacred – probably a dog jumping the fence in the wee hours of the morning. No bodies, but lots of feathers. That was kinda depressing.

Then I managed to use the phone (something I have a near phobia of) to book an appointment I’d been putting off for weeks. Then I showered and now I’m fucking exhausted.




I want wine



My favourite Ministry album


Jim Is Ep10. My Friend Darkness

This episode of Jim Is was meant to be another short and blunt installment, but then I was having fun stretching it out, and adding extra cheese.

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webcomic Jim Is Episode 10. My Friend Darkness. Tragedy cuts down blue depressed guy as he recovers a taste for living.

Jim Is Ep9. Pointless

Not much today. Haven’t felt like doing ANYTHING. But I did yard work, the epitome of futile work for someone that doesn’t give a shit about yards. It’s now 4am. I can’t sleep.
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Jim Is webcomic episode 9: i could do anything... but there would be no point

Here’s to you the happy ones

Life is so sad. Time passing, faces and experiences fading, the relentlessness of nothingness leaning down hard. Usually there is a bright side of the melancholy, but today is all sad face. You happy people are lucky. …
… Hang on…
… Ok, I have a drink now. Here’s to you, the happy ones.









You’re still all going to die.

Jim Is Ep7 pt2. The Void

Finally back from the future to deliver the second installment of Jim Is Ep7. The project has been a little more ambitious than most of the other strips, so I wanted to procrastinate a bit more. There is a part 3 still to come.
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Jim Is_webcomic_ep7pt2. The Void