Killing Joke – Killing Joke – Best Album Ever

Perhaps an overstatement to call Killing Joke’s debut self-titled album (1980) the best ever, but it is certainly a post-punk classic. I’m not going to music on about it much. I suck at talking about music, except for pointing out what i like and don’t like.

It’s good. It’s full of delicious droning and throbbing, interesting (doom-heavy) lyrics and Jaz Coleman’s vocal stylings are good.

  • Requiem – a gorgeously constructed piece. Gives me chills, man.
  • Wardance – good too
  • Tomorrow’s World – chilling, throbbing, good
  • Bloodsport – The album picks up the pace here. It’s pretty good
  • The Wait – pretty good too
  • Complications – pretty good also
  • S.O.36 – slow and brooding. I like it
  • Primitive – good track. Cool droning guitars
  • Change – pretty decent track to close with – nuff said

For a review by someone who knows how to talk music, check out the review on It’s pretty good.

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