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So, out of all the things I could have done today I ended up spending almost all of it listening to music. It was fabulous! A friend (meet on a certain disreputable social media network) and I decided to swap playlists. She listens to a lot more of the current crop of Aggrotech, harsher electro-industrial, and industrial metal, where as I’m more into Old Skool Industrial and EBM, with some industrial rock/metal.

If you don’t know what these genres are the TVTropes website has one of the best brief articles on the genre, and of course, Wikipedia also has good stuff too. You can also hang around and check out my playlist, for a more hands on approach (because you all want to hear what I listen to).

Now, I’ve been sniffing around this music for a long time, but I wouldn’t consider myself an elite. Genre distinctions still confuse me, and I haven’t heard ALL of the precursor and formative bands. Occasionally I do get into the mood to go dig around though, so over the years I have amassed a reasonable repertoire.

So the real takeaway from today is that my friend reconnected with with Suicide Commando, which lead me to rediscover :Wumpscut. My thanks to you.

The musics

Also, if you’re on VampireFreaks, or want a social network that’s quirky and a little bent, hit me up. Don’t let the name fool you, it really is full of freaks (and some cool ladies and gents).


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