Welcome to the CyberageFunk Grand Opening

Hey there random visitor! Welcome to this here blog. My name is Jim. I reside in Canberra Australia, but don’t hold that against me. Life has calmed down a little since I purchased this domain and wrote the introductory blog post (which I never got around to posting). Cyber Age Funk is still just as applicable to my life now as it was then, but I expect this blog will be less self-deprecating angst and more about things I think are cool and worth talking about.

So, what was the angst all about? Well… it had something to do with a breakup of apocalyptic magnitude and attempted suicide. No kidding! But it’s all fine now. No more suicide anyway [/troll bait]. Now with that little piece of history receding into the past it’s way past time I got back to work. My work is not incredibly lucrative and the income it provides has become almost non-existent since the end-of-the-world. But what do I do for peanuts? I write. I blogs (therefore I am). I also make 3D models on the side. My primary blog, which is all about 3D arts, has been in deep freeze for the last several months. It was this blog that was meant to fill the void until I felt up to getting back into that world but huge amounts of cheap wine and slobbing about got in the way.

But here we are! I survived the nuclear winter and all is returning to some sort of normality above ground. I’m still deciding just how I’m going to play this new blog business, but I’m thinking it’ll have a little of everything. I’ve been reading a lot, gaming and toking away on my e-cig, as I ponder on transcending a life of nihilism punctuated with severe bouts of fear and loathing. But let’s not get too philosophical. Not yet anyway. I hardly know you, so let’s take this slow [too creepy?].

Now, just throwing some ideas of what you might read here: fiction, film, writing, games, e-cigs (because they are a rad alternative to dying of tobacco related diseases), interesting science and technology tid-bits, and other assorted geekery. In the interest of staying in the beans and earning from my wordsmithing ways some articles will contain the dreaded affiliate link to stuff I dig. I’m not a marketing trash-bag, so don’t worry, no diet pills and penis enlargement copy/paste posts here.

Until next time stay sane(ish),

Jimmy CyberRage signing off

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