Close to the post

I’m working on a longer than usual comic strip, which might run over a couple of installments, so I don’t have much to say on the topic of nothing today. I do, however, have a song to share, Closer (To The Edit) by Art of Noise. I’m sure everyone, except me, has herd the track, but since I stumbled upon this gem from my birth year (84) it has been getting a lot of play on my lists.

Sure, there are more popular songs by the band such as Peter Gunn, Kiss (with Tom Jones), and Moments in Love (admittedly a beautiful track), but screw that stuff! For me, the meat of the band is in the more experimental  avant-garde gravy!

Close to the edit is a delightfully quirky electronic track from the early days of sampling technology (something the band made heavy use of). They used a nifty machine called the Farlight CMI Sampler, which was invented right here in my homeland, Australia. As a fan of old-skool electronic tunes, this track has become a favorite.


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