Broforce Alien Infestation

I’ve been meaning to write about Broforce ever since I got into it during the alpha stage. Back then it had just a handful of levels, but the pixel art and unrelenting brutal hilarity of the game had me hooked playing the same levels over and again. This game single-handedly resparked my interest in platform gaming, something I’d left behind in the days of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, for the uninitiated) days. Broforce is all about bringing American brand freedom to the oppressed and kicking terrorist (mook) arse. It’s over the top, it’s fast-paced, it’s bloody, and best of all; it’s hilarious.

Broforce is still in early access on Steam, but since the early alpha days there have been many fantastic new additions including: multiplayer, new levels, level editor, new gaming modes, and just recently, ALIENS! I’ve been waiting for this last update a good long time now. It’s early days for the new baddies, but already our army of bros have the chance to face off with them in several levels. Watching those sneaky bastards decimate, dismember and impregnate (Facehuggers FTW) a force of unwitting mooks is grand.

And here it is, the video that finally kicked me into giving the game a little writeup. Here we see a timelaps of Jarred Bevis Lunt doing some amazing pixel art in Photoshop. It isn’t clear if his mechanical-alien abominations will be part of the game, but damn do I hope so. Check out Bevis’s Tumblr for more awesome art.

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