Babyland, bb

So, here we are at another post about me being a big music necro. If you like noise, improvised drums, harsh vocals, and synths then you will probably like Babyland. Labeled junk punk, it fits closely enough with industrial that I’d heard the name several times, but never had the chance to hear the music. I finally got around to chasing them down on Spotify, and now I’m a fan. Of course the band has been dead since 2009, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying them alongside all my favourite long deceased bands.

I also stumbled upon the Babyland’s Bandcamp page while looking for their last album, Cavecraft, which was released by Metropolis records. I feel kinda honored to currently be the first “supporter” of the “Decade One” complication (also a little WTF!?). Of course, if I want to get Cavecraft in Australia, I have to buy it off fucking iTunes or get a physical CD sent out. I could rage about the absurdity of this and a hundred other similar incidents but I’ll leave that for another day. I don’t know if it’s Metropolis that deserves the “fuck you” or some budget two-shits domestic partner. Ok, leaving it alone for realz now.

And finally, there’s Continues, the project by the singer of the defunct, Babyland. Mostly its sort of cheesy synthpop stuff (maybe that’s your bag) but there are some tracks I don’t mind.

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